Redefined Technology and Protein: MoreMeat Showcased Asia's First Fungal Protein Steak and Yogurt at BEYOND Expo 2023

From May 10th to 12th, 2023, the third BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo 2023, organized by the Macau Technology Federation, successfully concluded at the Venetian Macao Cotai Expo. With the theme "Technology Redefined," this exhibition focused on sustainable development, life sciences, consumer technology, and international investment and financing summits under the three major sub-brands of BEYOND!


Established in 2020, BEYOND Expo has already successfully held two editions and has become one of Asia's largest and most influential international technology expos. It has attracted over 800 exhibitors, with more than 500 business innovation leaders as keynote speakers, and accumulated over 55,000 on-site visitors. With over 150 industry forums, it has successfully embodied an international platform for technological exchange.


BEYOND Expo 2023 reached new heights in terms of scale and dimensions. Over 1,000 exhibitors from global Fortune 500 companies, large multinational enterprises, unicorn startups, and emerging startups participated. The event focused on hot topics in the industry, bringing together global technology innovators, renowned experts, entrepreneurs, and representatives from international organizations. With a focus on industry development trends, they shared cutting-edge ideas and explored new paths for various industries to embrace a bright technological future.

MoreMeat by Zhongyi Tech: "Zhongyi Protein"

As a pioneer in the fungal protein industry, MoreMeat by Zhongyi Tech showcased Asia's first fungal protein steak and yogurt products at BEYOND EXPO 2023, redefining both technology and protein.


▲ From left to right: Dr. Zhan Bin, Director of Application Research and Development at MoreMeat; Dr. Han Wang, CEO; and Dr. Chen Juan, CTO.


If you are interested in cutting-edge technology, you may have heard of the concept of the "protein crisis." In fact, if the world's population continues to grow, particularly in developing and emerging markets, it is likely that the protein provided by the livestock industry will not be able to keep up with the increasing demand. Moreover, traditional protein production methods are not environmentally friendly or resource-efficient, which does not contribute to achieving the country's "30-60 carbon neutrality goal." Therefore, the "protein revolution" is becoming increasingly urgent.


New proteins may be the most effective "sustainable food solution." Currently, among the three main paths for global new protein, plant-based proteins are limited by crop resources, affecting supply stability and safety. Cell-cultured proteins are costly, and the technology is not yet mature. On the other hand, microbial proteins have high production efficiency, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and offer numerous advantages such as being nutrient-rich, closely resembling the taste of meat, low-cost production, and control over raw materials. They have become one of the most anticipated protein sources in the market.


With the goal of creating an internationally leading fungal protein industry platform, MoreMeat by Zhongyi Tech has established a complete Culture-To-Product technology platform, encompassing strain discovery, strain modification, fermentation production, and formulation development. They have the capability to independently develop and produce multiple fungal protein products, positioning themselves as a frontrunner in the domestic fungal protein field. The Asian debut of their fungal protein steak and yogurt products at the exhibition represents the latest research and development achievements of MoreMeat.


Keywords such as "Asia's first," "fungal protein," and "healthy nutrition" attracted numerous visitors to stop by the MoreMeat booth for inquiries and discussions. MoreMeat utilizes Fusarium fungal protein, which contains 45%-50% protein and 32%-35% dietary fiber. With longer fiber length, it provides a more distinct texture, perfectly replicating the taste of real meat. Additionally, it is rich in essential amino acids, low in sodium, low in fat, and low in calories, impressing the exhibition attendees with its various characteristics.


According to predictions by relevant institutions, the alternative protein market is expected to grow sevenfold in the next decade, from the current annual production of 13 million tons to 97 million tons. By 2035, alternative proteins are projected to account for 11% of the total protein market share. Assuming an average price of $3 per kilogram, this represents a massive market worth around $290 billion. With the wind of industry development, the fungal protein market will continue to thrive. In the future, MoreMeat will continue to collaborate with more high-quality partners to develop and produce healthier, more delicious, and more cost-effective fungal protein products. They aim to bridge the global "protein gap," contribute to China's "30-60 carbon neutrality goal," and unleash greater energy in the high-quality development of the global food industry.


About MoreMeat:
MoreMeat, also known as 蘑米生物 in Chinese, was established in 2022 by former Chairman of the Asian Mycological Association, executives from multinational companies, and core scientists. The company is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for new proteins and healthy food using advanced microbiological and synthetic biology technologies. They explore fungal biodiversity in plants, soil, and extreme environments, discovering, screening, and modifying strains that efficiently produce target proteins. MoreMeat aims to scale up fungal protein and healthy food production in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner.

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